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I had a plan on how I’d handle living with my new gorgeous, world-famous, billionaire, step-brother:

I’d look, but not touch.
Get his attention just enough to stroke my ego and then back off. No harm in that, right? Unfortunately for me, Chase Kavanaugh had plans of his own…

And his plans included touching – a lot of touching in ways no man had ever touched me before.

And did he care what I had to say about it? No.
Does he care what I want now? Apparently not.
So then why is it I can’t stop thinking about him?
Why does my heart race every time he’s around and feel so empty when he’s gone?

After surviving my first encounter with Chase’s cruelty, all I should want is to be left alone, so what is it this scorching heat inside of me that keeps pulling me back to him?
But if Chase thinks I’ll be his little toy, he’s sadly mistaken.
Either he’ll destroy me, or I’ll destroy him.

Author’s Note:
Chase is a bad-boy, a real anti-hero with layer upon layer of depth for Becka to discover and a very serious redemption arc. I wanted to write a complex man who will make you swoon, make you angry, but who will also make you love him and never forget him.
This book is a DARK, BULLY romance and may trigger some readers who are sensitive to things common in dark romance.

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