It Was Always You by Eliza Ellermann (ePUB)

it was always you, eliza ellermann

It Was Always You (Thompson Family #1) by Eliza Ellermann – Free eBooks Download


It only took one email to change their lives forever.

Olivia Thompson has it all: a great job, a nice house, plenty of friends, and a supportive family. Her life is almost perfect, if a little mundane, but she likes it that way. As CFO of a small technology firm in San Diego, she lives for her sixty-hour workweeks and family get-togethers. But as happy as she is, she can’t help but wonder how her life would’ve turned out had she made a different choice on a fateful night, years ago.

Blake Buchanan moved to Boston, as far from San Diego as he could get, after college graduation. A lucrative job offer with a top sports management firm lured him there, but the chance to put space between him and the girl who broke his heart cemented his decision to stay. When he quit his job to strike out on his own—draining his life’s savings in the process—he knew the risks involved but had no idea his decision might one day prevent him from spending the rest of his life with the only woman he’d ever loved.

When Blake returned to San Diego for a business trip, he didn’t know inviting his high school sweetheart to dinner would change his life forever. All it took was one night for Blake and Olivia to discover their connection was stronger than ever, even after a decade apart. But is their sizzling hot chemistry enough? Or will the demands of everyday life keep them from living the life they’ve always wanted?

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