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Long Shot (Under the Covers #3) by Kayti McGee – Free eBooks Download


Meredith definitely drank too much last night. Why on earth else would she have woken up without her purse, and the distinct memory of giving her number to a stripper? So gross. The good news is, she never has to see him again. Except to get her purse. And to discover she did another terrible, horrible, very bad thing while drunk—she accidentally became a professional penis photographer.

Rob wishes more people would believe him when he says he truly is stripping his way through journalism school. It’s the only way Millennials can afford school with no student loans. When Meredith quite literally stumbles across his path, he’s super smitten. Sadly, she is less so once she sobers up. Can he trick her into dating him? Can she trick her mother into thinking she has a respectable job? And can anyone recover once the internet picks up their story? It’s a long shot for both of them.

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