Lone Wolf Mates by Molly Burkhart (ePUB)

lone wolf mates, molly burkhart

Lone Wolf Mates by Molly Burkhart – Free eBooks Download


The photographer is first. He comes to her in his hour of most desperate need, and she saves him. He vows revenge on those who have wronged him. She hopes to help him find peace.
The second is the private investigator, cool and collected. His specialty is finding the lost. He comes to help the photographer and finds a quite different situation than he expected. She is different from his expectation. She is kind.
The third is the conservation agent from Montana, the law man. He comes to save everyone from acting irrevocably, but he’s too late by a day. And still, she captivates him, makes him dream of home, makes him want to come in from the cold.
She, Ava, is her own woman, and she wants none of the strife they bring with them. They upheave her life, take over her house, and yet, she can’t send them away, can’t resist their mission, their vengeance. She cannot resist them, nor they her.
Thank all the gods she is kind.

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