Monsters of Midlife by Melle Amade (ePUB)

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Monsters of Midlife (My Ex-Husband, the God of Monsters #1) by Melle Amade – Free eBooks Download


I’ve dreamt about dark, ravenous monsters my entire life. Last night I found out…all my darkest dreams are real.

At forty-five I didn’t think life had many surprises left, but I was so, so wrong. Monsters do exist and last night their demigod, Ryder, came to me asking for help.
I would have been more willing if Ryder wasn’t my younger, too-hot-to-handle ex-husband.
Apparently, he was hiding a few things during our marriage. I thought it was girlfriends when I divorced him. But according to him he’s been protecting the world by keeping his kind at bay. I wouldn’t have believed him except he turned into a creepy black monster with fangs, three glowing eyes, shiny black horns, and pointed ears right in front of me!
Having Ryder back in my life releases something inside me I didn’t realize existed. It’s overbearing, angry, and chaotic. And I realize I still have feelings for him, but this time, they’re unleashing the monster buried deep inside myself.
I’ll help him save the world, but the one thing I can’t afford to do is fall in love with him again.
Not now. Not ever.
I’ll lose more than my heart, I’ll lose my humanity.

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