Lion Paramedic by Sansa Moon (ePUB)

lion paramedic, sansa moon

Lion Paramedic (Shifter Medical Center #4) by Sansa Moon – Free eBooks Download


She’s the one that got away. But here she lies unconscious as I save her life.
Yet while I reminisce about our incredible night together … she can’t remember.
Is it amnesia after the accident? Or is she avoiding the bad boy she once knew?
The lion in me roars to win her back … even before finding out about our secret baby.
I used to be the Love ‘em, Leave ‘em type of guy.
But that night I spent with her was different. I never forgot it.
I can’t accept that she has. I’ll make her remember.
Remember that spark … remember our hungry bodies … remember me.
But not only won’t she remember, she now says I’m not her type.
Well, excuse me if I have a difficult time believing that.
I’ll seduce her again. I’ll make her eat her words, if it’s the last thing I do.
But is this my ego talking …
Or does the lion in me want his mate and his baby?

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