Liar Liar, Part One by Jaye Pratt (ePUB)

liar liar, jaye pratt

Liar Liar, Part One (D’Arco Mafia Duet #1) by Jaye Pratt – Free eBooks Download


Have you ever compromised your morals for the ones you love? I did. I never wanted to fall for the Mafia boss, his bodyguard and the serial unaliver in the basement, but life has a funny way of screwing you over.

I needed money fast after my sister was sold. Becoming a mattress actress wasn’t my chosen career path, but when the Mafia Boss walks in and picks me, what’s a girl to do but run with it? Especially when I’m told that he could be the very man that could help me find my sister.
Our first session ends with me in his bodyguard’s lap and tears running down my face. Not the best first impression I could have made but I must have done something right because when he comes back and offers me a live-in position.
If I want to find my sister, I have to accept his offer, except I screw up by following him and end up in the basement hanging from the ceiling being put through the test to become one of them. It’s not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
When we are close to finding my sister, the Feds intervene, and I lose my chance at finding her forever. I find myself in a real mess and I have to run, even though I know they will find me. Which is the plan. If I’m going to die, it will be at the hands of the man who promised to make it hurt. It’s nothing less than I deserve.

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