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New York City financier, thirty-nine-year-old Perry Jackson, discovers a letter from his deceased husband, Jack. Jack’s recent death leaves Perry reeling and alone. After eighteen years together, Perry has no idea how he can move forward.
Lucas Jenkins, a nineteen-year-old residing in Beaufort, South Carolina, has lost both his mother and the man he dreamed of sharing his life with. Lucas discovers a letter from his mother that directs him to a safe deposit box at the local bank. The box contains two letters that reveal life-altering revelations.
Join Perry as he takes his dead husband’s advice and begins a journey of discovery and love. Perry’s journey begins with the meeting of a mysterious boy. Will this boy provide the answers to the future, or will he only be the first stop that leads Perry to a destiny with Lucas?
Book one of Letters is a story about how we pick up the pieces of our lives and make the choice to live again. Are Perry and Lucas destined for love? Does the ethereal boy from Virginia still figure into the journey of the two men with letters?

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