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savior, jayda marx

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The land exists in a constant battle of good and evil. Under the guidance of the Goddess Thayla, the villagers work together to take care of the earth, and share their bounty with their neighbors. Everyone has what they need, and peace resides in their hearts. But where there is good in the world, there will always be malice to try and conquer it. The God Maldor revels in chaos and destruction. He wishes to stamp out Thayla’s light and rule in the darkness.
Ansel has spent his life fighting in Thayla’s name, rising up to battle those who wish to overthrow the kingdom for Maldor. His body is worn, but his heart is pure. Thayla sees his sacrifice and dedication, and blesses him with three gifts; a cloak which helps him in his quest, an eternal life to continue to protect the land, and finally, a fated love to share that life with. She promises to return to Ansel when it is time to claim his mate, who will be in mortal danger and in need of protection.
Follow Ansel in his journey to find love with his cursed prince Leo, and their battle with the darkness that follows them.

*This low angst, paranormal, insta-love story is set many centuries ago. It has a dash of gore, and a mix of danger, steam, and sweet moments, along with a very happy HEA!

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