Lesson In Forgiveness by Kay Elle Parker (ePUB)

lesson forgiveness, kay elle parker

Lesson In Forgiveness (Club Serenity #2) by Kay Elle Parker – Free eBooks Download


There’s a little bit of crazy in everyone…

Tabitha Fairfax wears her shiny badge of crazy for all to see, except when she’s on the job. Insanity helps when killing people for money, especially when some of those unlucky citizens don’t really deserve their fate, but her psychopathic father, the late and not so great Dominic Fairfax, taught her that cash is king.
Or in her case, queen.
Taking a contract from the Irish mafia doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
All the training, all the torture she endured as a child to become what she is and forever will be, is her best defence.
When Rory “Grit” McCabe is assigned to protect a VIP, a game of cat and mouse isn’t what he expects.
His adversary is wily, highly intelligent, and his orders are to take her down if he can.
Considering she’s one of the best contract killers in the world, trained by a megalomaniac who once supplied the world’s bad guys with living weapons, he’s pretty sure he’s going to need a damn raise.
When they finally go head to head, it’s not just blood that flies.
Who knew a pint-sized blonde with deadly intentions was the one who’d make sparks fly?

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