Last Letters to Ara by Kaymie Wuerfel (ePUB)

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Last Letters to Ara (The Last #1) by Kaymie Wuerfel – Free eBooks Download


Ara Had Everything She Needed. Until She Didn’t.

Every time Ara has opened her heart it’s ended in hurt, and now she’s lost the only person she’s ever been able to trust.
Blindsided by the death of her father, Ara finds herself utterly alone in the world, with no clear path in front of her. What does she have left to live for?
Through one letter a month for the first year after his passing, Ara’s dad gives her tasks which (if completed) will introduce her to the best that life has to offer: joy, friendship, passion and hopefully, love.
After a few chance encounters with a handsome stranger along the way, Ara is challenged with letting her walls come down. Will she risk it all for a chance at love? Even if there is something he’s keeping from her?

A humorous yet emotional story of love and loss, with a healthy dose of spice, Last Letters to Ara will have you laughing, crying and swooning long after you should be asleep.

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