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Knot Her Reality (Heated #3) by Miranda May – Free eBooks Download


Season three of Heated is starting out with a bang—public outcry, protests, and boycotts—all before we’ve even begun filming.

I know you have to be wondering how a reality dating show could cause this kind of reaction. That would be because of me. My name’s Evangeline, and I’m this season’s omega. Did I mention that I’m a proud bisexual woman?
Being bisexual in this day and age isn’t a big deal… unless you’re a woman. Then it’s selfish and an absolute travesty, according to my parents, who disowned me years ago. Apparently, because there are fewer women born every year, I shouldn’t be allowed to fall in love with them.
Just like the first two seasons, I have twenty suitors this season—both men and women; alphas, betas, and even omegas—who are contending for my love and a spot in my pack. Even though chaos encompasses this season, I still only have eight weeks to choose who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. No pressure or anything.
As much as I want to find my pack and love who I want to love, I can’t help wondering if this will all be worth it in the end.

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