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judging james, natalie ann

Judging James (Madagascar Adventure #1) by Natalie Ann – Free eBooks Download


James Ellis doesn’t have a favorable opinion of relationships after watching his mother marry and divorce four times. She falls in and out of love faster than he can change his socks. What’s worse is she is determined to tell him what he needs to do and who he needs to meet. When he’s ready, he’ll find that person on his terms. But at thirty-three, he is wondering if he’ll find anyone or if he’s just afraid to deal with more family drama.
Selena Hayes is the youngest grandchild of an eccentric billionaire. She’d always been close to her grandfather as a child, though she’d lived states away. She agrees to be his corporate attorney under one condition…no one knows they are related. She’s spent most of her life in her brother’s shadow with her father riding her butt to be better. She’s ready to do her own thing, her way, and she doesn’t want anyone saying she got there through family connections. Now all she has to do is learn to stand up for herself outside of her career.

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