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knot alone, ivy baile

Knot Alone by Ivy Baile – Free eBooks Download


Maggie Page is the only Omega in her family, and she’s spent her life taking care of everyone else. But Maggie’s generosity backfires when her snooty brother arrives for vacation and insists Maggie spend her heat someplace else. So, instead of staying home with her toys, Maggie has to spend her heat in the Omega Center.
Maggie swears her heats are a breeze. She just needs some privacy and extra batteries. But the Center is devoted to giving Omegas safe heats with carefully selected Alphas, even if an Alpha is the last thing Maggie wants.
Linus Lockridge is a strange Alpha whose keen sense of smell means he’s never wanted anyone but his husband and fellow Alpha, Graham Baxter. Everyone but Graham smells foul. But high society has thingsto say about Alpha/Alpha pairings. Linus registers at the Center to stop the gossip, certain he’ll never find anyone else who smells as good as his husband.

(And Graham? He’d just appreciate it if Maggie and Linus could pull their heads out and get back in bed.)

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