Knock ‘Em Down by Alisha Williams (ePUB)

knock them, amber nicole

Knock ‘Em Down (Solidarity Academy #1) by Alisha Williams, Amber Nicole – Free eBooks Download


One week of hot, mind blowing passion was all it was supposed to be.
Well, until a freak accident has the Widows in desperate need of a new flyer.
I thought my wishes were coming true. I get to be on the national cheer team and see my guys again…
Maybe not.
I guess it’s true what they say…be careful what you wish for.
I’m not sure what I did to piss them off but Lennox, Matio, Adonis and Colton, let me know the moment I set foot on school grounds, I’m not wanted here.
I thought we had the best week of our lives. I thought I meant something to them, but apparently not.
I’ve pissed them off somehow and now they are determined to see me leave.
But I’m here for a reason.
I came to live out my dream.
They won’t defeat me.
While I’m cheering everyone else on…
The guys… Well I’ll be ‘Knocking ‘Em Down’.
I’m a Black Widow now, and I’m not afraid to show my venom.

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