Kissmas, My Roommate by Brynn Hale (ePUB)

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Kissmas, My Roommate (All I Want for Kissmas #2) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


He’s her cocky and rambunctious roommate. She’s his biggest temptation. Under the twinkling lights while enjoying a sugar cookie, will they get their Christmas wish for more?

Can you call your own bedroom a hostile work environment?
You see, I work from home. And I feel hostile in my home. So therefore it’s a hostile work environment…Right?
It’s my roommate who’s the problem.
Derek’s a police officer, but he’s not playing by the laws of the apartment.
If it’s not him in his boxers, it’s him working out without his shirt.
I’m tempted at every turn, but he’s not the settle for one woman type of man and I won’t fall for a player.
When an opportunity to release my inner desire comes in the form of a Secret Santa gift to him, I take a chance.
But what comes next is the biggest surprise of all.

She’s sweet, like her name implies.
When she applied to be my roommate, I should’ve picked someone else.
But everything about Sugar called to me.
The way her hips float as she walks, the way her hair tangles in the morning while she’s drinking her first cup of coffee, and the way she makes me feel like I want to keep every man from ever touching her.
And then she takes me by surprise and makes her move.
I’m not going to waste a moment of time thinking, I’m just acting like they taught me in my training.
This Christmas all I want is Sugar.

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