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kissing bandit, margaret rose

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Do you believe in soulmates? Well… Do you?
Desperate to forget her ex, Francesca Bloomfield is escaping to the lake for the summer. She’s on her own with a flimsy business plan based on finding treasure in junk drawers and has a Volkswagen full of snacks. And she’s got one rule: no dating. Except, she really likes kissing, that part she’ll keep, and she starts a kissing list to prove it. Too bad she spends her last night in town dancing with a backward-hat-wearing wallflower looking for love.
Meanwhile, former professional baseball player, John Boggs, has a bad case of the Cinderellas. The woman who set his world on fire during a dirty dancing scene he had no idea his wrecked body was capable of is dominating his thoughts. His first attempt at something other than a one-night stand on the road completely backfired. He took things slow, he gave her his number—he dipped her —and she ran.
But fate has different plans. John is selling his father’s estate and Francesca magically appears on his doorstep with a brand new Frannie’s Finds estate sales business card. Their attraction is undeniable, though it’s clear they want different things. A road trip and a heroic rescue from Spirit Lake push them together at every turn and maybe, if they can sift through the clutter of a former life while unpacking their own hearts, they’ll realize they’re meant to be. One kiss at a time. If not, they risk forever holding onto the past instead of embracing their destiny.

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