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“A plus size kinky monster romance”

Karina Choi has dedicated her life to sacrifice for her family, and now that her mother is in a complicated health condition, and at risk of losing the house she has struggled her entire life paying for, the young woman is forced to sign herself up for a luxury escort website.
As a plus-size woman, she doesn’t believe she will be chosen, however, on the same day Karina receives a message setting up a meeting with a very rich contractor who could be the solution to all her problems. The amount offered is so good it almost seems like a lie.
So, what’s the problem? The man who shows up in the hotel room is not really a man at all. Klaus Dark Elf is over seven feet tall, complete with a demon-like tail, a long tongue, a pair of horns and a not-so-good reputation as a bad boy from the traditional and mysterious Dark Elf family.
Klaus becomes obsessed with Karina’s scent, which seems to stir something almost wild in him, and decides that she will be the right female for the revenge plan he intends to enact on his family, whether she wants it or not.
Now Karina and Klaus are bound together by a dark agreement, one that the shy girl doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep up with, but she has no choice if she wants to help her mother.

This is the second edition of “Dark Agreement”, with grammatical errors resolved

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