Keeping the Boss’s Big Secret by Kate Hunt (ePUB)

keeping boss's secret, kate hunt

Keeping the Boss’s Big Secret (Chiseled & Curvy #9) by Kate Hunt – Free eBooks Download


A hot boss with a secret. A curvy project manager who just wants to prove herself. A dash of happenstance that changes everything.
I shouldn’t have seen what I just saw.
But there’s no undoing what I now know:
My boss is moonlighting as a stripper.
Not only that, but he’s the star of the show.
Okay, so he’s really good at it.
He’s got the muscles, the on-stage charisma, and the moves.
But on what planet does any of this make sense?
I know I’ll be able to keep his secret, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to act normal around him anymore.
Especially with the big package—er, project—he just gave me.

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