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capturing winter, ivy thorn

Capturing Winter (Blackmoor Revenge #2) by Ivy Thorn – Free eBooks Download


I thought I’d forgotten who I was. But now I remember—and there’s going to be hell to pay.
Gabriel kept everything from me. My past, my history, my family—or the memory of them, anyway. But the memories are coming back, along with the identity of the three men who did this to me, and the woman who pulls their strings. Dean Blackmoor, Cayde St. Vincent, Jaxon King—and Athena Saint. They stole everything from me—my home, my parents, my future. And now I’m supposed to give it all up, and let them win?
I don’t think so. I’m no one’s fool, and I’m going to have my revenge. But deep down, I can’t help but think of Gabriel, and what it might mean to leave him. What else I might lose, if I go back to the life I used to want so badly.
Every night he has me in his bed, in every way he pleases. But nothing can stop me from burning the Blackmoor heirs and their queen to ash, no matter the threats he makes, the punishments he exacts, or the way he makes me feel. I’ve plotted my revenge, and I won’t give it up.
But Gabriel has plans too.
He’s going to capture me for good.

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