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Jonesy (The Devil’s House MC: West Virginia #7) by Mhairi O’Reilly – Free eBooks Download


In the world of The Devil’s House MC, Slater “Jonesy” Jones rides a fine line between sanity and madness. A former Corpsman of the Marines, his return to civilian life brought nothing but extreme heartache and unthinkable betrayal. With his past shadowing his every move, he finds solace in the roar of his Harley and the brotherhood of his new family, the bikers of The Devil’s House.
No woman would ever have a place in his life again.
But when Sarah Hart limps into his life, a seemingly ordinary woman with a silent battle of her own, Slater’s hardened heart begins to crack. Hired to clean the strip club he manages, Sarah, with her unassuming strength and hidden scars, unknowingly ignites a spark inside him.
Sarah, battling to care for her brother and hiding a perilous secret, sees Slater as nothing more than her grumpy boss. Yet, there’s an unspoken connection that pulls them together, a bond formed from shared pain and unvoiced understanding.
As their worlds collide, Sarah’s secret looms over them, threatening to shatter the fragile trust they’ve built. In the world of The Devil’s House MC, secrets are dangerous, and Slater’s vow never to trust a woman again is put to the ultimate test.
It’s recommended to read the series in order to better understand plot lines and characters.

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