Joan and the Juggernaut by Honey Phillips (ePUB)

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Joan and the Juggernaut (Alien Abduction #10) by Honey Phillips – Free eBooks Download


An unstoppable alien warrior. A stubborn human female. A desperate escape.

Varga’s life has been as hard as the armor which covers his skin, but he has never let it stop him. He has powered his way through every obstacle – until a favor for a friend sends him straight into the path of a stubborn, beautiful female, and everything changes.
After finally freeing herself from her domineering ex-husband, Joan is ready to start a new life on her own terms. Instead, she is kidnapped by aliens and sold into servitude on a mining planet at the far end of the galaxy.
When a terrifyingly attractive alien appears with promises to rescue her, she isn’t foolish enough to refuse. But the massive, scarred warrior wants more than her freedom – he wants her heart.
As Varga and Joan lead a ragtag group on a dangerous journey to freedom, can they also escape the ties of the past and find a new future – together?

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