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jb, mary kennedy

JB (Voodoo Guardians #12) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Joseph Billy ‘JB’ Redhawk has always been the quieter of the twins. Serious, focused, and often his brother’s keeper, they find themselves in the Bahamas on a mission. But beaches and surf mean bars, women, and trouble. Agreeing to go out with Tobias was about ensuring his brother didn’t do something stupid. When shots are fired and JB is the one alone on the beach with a beautiful woman, the tables are suddenly turned. Strange netting, trapped dolphins, and a gorgeous chemist have JB racing to solve this mystery, and save his girl.

Dana Vaughn adores her friend, Gail, but she can be a bit wild and she’s feeling her wild tonight. Agreeing to go out for one drink, turns into Dana being the one with the date. She never expected to be caught in the midst of gunfire, rescue trapped dolphins, or determine a chemical mystery that feels vaguely familiar. Finding a job was her priority yesterday. Today it’s trying to figure out how she fell in love.

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