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jane, renee alan

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Jane thinks her simple life of work, books, baking, her bestie, and her dog are enough to make her happy. After too many disappointments, she’s decided that her book boyfriends are all the romance she needs. That plan seemed just fine until fate took the opportunity to change her mind and brought the Westons into her life. Suddenly, her simple life becomes complicated in the most delicious of ways.
The Weston brothers, Jon, Juan, and Rory, have done everything together since they were young. Why should that change now that they’re adults who are looking toward the future? They’ve known for years that they’ve wanted to find one woman to share for life, but finding her might be impossible. Even if there are complications with the timing, Juan’s sure that Jane is the one for them. Now it’s up to him to convince everyone else that he’s right.
Unfortunately, fate isn’t finished with Jane and has darker plans for her. There’s someone lurking just outside the light whose fascination with Jane will disrupt her life and try to rip her away from the happily ever after that she’s excited to live. It’s up to the Westons, with the help of their brothers in the Knights Wrath MC, to protect Jane from an unknown danger so that the four of them can have the happily ever after that they’ve only ever dreamed of.

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