Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace (ePUB)

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Injustice and Absolution (RBMC: Gettysburg, PA) by Murphy Wallace – Free eBooks Download


All I’ve ever dreamed of is revenge. It’s how I survived the darkest parts of my childhood. The parts I’ve confessed to only one man. Then, I find out he’s the one who slayed my real-life bogeyman. Now all I dream of is him.
My best friend’s father. Forbidden. Nefarious.
A fact that fails to stifle my desire for him. But, when I attempt to breach his impenetrable heart, he unknowingly pushes me into the clutches of an evil I was unprepared for.

She’s untouchable, even for me. The girl has dealt with enough in her life without me adding to it. Once her demon-slayer, she’s now demanding more from me. As much as I ache to give in to her delicious touch, I can’t. No matter how loud the inferno inside me roars for her.
My daughter’s best friend. Illicit. Taboo.
It’s not enough to keep my needy stare from her body when she’s near. Then, I make the mistake of shutting her out. Now, I must help her claw her way out of the hell I threw her into.

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