If Only You Knew by Stefanie Castro (ePUB)

if only you know, stefanie castro

If Only You Knew (If Only #1) by Stefanie Castro – Free eBooks Download


Shane promised Becca forever, and all she got was heartbreak upon high school graduation.

There was no tomorrow without Shane Philips by Becca’s side. That was until Shane abruptly breaks up with Becca, leaving her alone to face a future without the one person she had grown to love. Learning to maneuver through life after being Shane’s girlfriend since they were fourteen, Becca never imagined an existence that didn’t include them being together.
The pain Becca was left with goes beyond anything she ever expected. Much like life tends to do, time passes and each of them grows into the adults they are today. They live independent lives for twenty-five years before Shane ends up on her doorstep unexpectedly, wanting to rekindle a love that he chose to walk away from. But can Becca truly let go of her anger and embrace what’s right in front of her all these years later? Most of all, can she forgive Shane for walking away?

This is a second-chance love story between two forty-something soulmates who lived entire lives apart only to find a chance to begin again. But when Shane finds out everything he missed, can their love last? If only he knew…

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