Hot Shot: Lincoln U- Ice Hockey by MJ Fields (ePUB)

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Hot Shot: Lincoln U- Ice Hockey (Taking The Shot #3) by MJ Fields – Free eBooks Download


An enemies to lovers, forced proximity, college ice hockey, romance

As if losing my shot at nationals wasn’t enough, I now have to tutor the biggest player on the men’s team or get kicked off the hockey team my senior year. Not that it means sh*t anymore, anyway. Regardless, I have to play the game and rebuild my image for the sake of the team that I love— and I have to do that with him.

In my final semester at Lincoln University, Coach Kosta’s insisting I need a tutor to raise my Stats grade so I don’t tank the men’s hockey team’s GPA. With NHL dreams hanging in the balance, I’ll swallow my pride to prove I’m a team player. But hold onto your sticks, ladies and gents, because fate has an icy twist: Dylan Daniels, ice queen and center of Lincoln’s women’s ice hockey team, is going to be my tutor.
We go way back, all the way to the days we’d race in her old man’s rink. My presence made her foot-stomping mad back then, and apparently, it still does. I’d hoped all those years might’ve thawed our chilly history, but it seems, if anything, Dylan’s hatred for me has spilled over to every male athlete in her path.

It’s kind of hot.
Dylan’s not a little girl anymore, and now, she’s on my to-do list.

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