Honey, We Missed Our Honeymoon by Angie Pepper (ePUB)

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Honey, We Missed Our Honeymoon by Angie Pepper – Free eBooks Download


Malorie Meyers has a wedding dress in her closet. The cleaners did an amazing job, considering the condition it was in on Malorie’s wedding day.
The other guests at the B&B where Malorie takes her honeymoon keep asking why she’s there alone. It’s a long story, she tells them, then she makes an excuse to not tell it.
Now there’s a new man in Malorie’s life. He’s perfect. Even his dog is perfect. There’s just one problem. He thinks the wedding dress in the closet belongs to Malorie’s best friend.
What’s he going to do when he finds out Malorie lied? And what’s Malorie going to do when she finds out his big secret?
There are plenty of LOLs and exciting moments to swoon over on Malorie Meyers’ bumpy journey toward love.
NOTE: This is a new full-length novel based on a short story originally published in 2014 under the pen name Mimi Strong.

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