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When you’re a teenager, life is usually simple and carefree. You could never imagine the evil that lurks in the shadows, waiting for a chance to steal your innocence. However, for Willow, that evil becomes a stark reality when she’s abducted while walking home one night after spending the day with her best friends.
For 15 long years, Willow finds herself in the clutches of a sinister cult, her life dictated by the whims of those who seek to control and manipulate her.
At the same moment that she tries to break free, she is finally saved, her life spared from what she considered a fate worse than death.
To reclaim the life she lost, she returns to her hometown, and the friends who never forgot her. But her life’s not instantly filled with sunflowers. A lot has happened during the time she was gone, and people have changed, including her.
Willow’s time in captivity has left scars on both her body and soul.
She wants to heal and move forward with her life. But will her past stay in her past? Has evil followed her home? Or was it there all along?

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