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merciless king, maggie kay

Merciless King (Echoes from the Underworld #3) by Maggie Kay – Free eBooks Download


I am Luca Valsetti, the chosen family enforcer, bringing all those who betray us to their knees. They all beg for their lives, pray for forgiveness, but I show no mercy when I make them pay for their sins and take their souls.
Except for one. Scarlet Reed.
The fiery redhead looked me straight in the eye as I held my gun to her head. Her piercing hazel eyes threatened to steal my soul in return. Something about them begged me to take her. Everything about them screamed for me to end her.
Now she is my captive locked in my glass cage. I will learn all of her secrets. Every single one. She will pay for her betrayal, even if it kills me in the process.

My stupid need for the truth and for justice left me at the mercy of a cold-blooded killer. But deep down, I’m not certain that Luca Valsetti wants to kill me. I know he believes he has no choice but to follow his brother’s orders and the rules of his syndicate. But I see the hint of doubt that surfaces whenever he’s around me. I don’t miss the skip of his heartbeat, the pause in his breath, and the undeniable lust in his eyes. I see that he is a broken man underneath his hard exterior, just as vulnerable as any other.
I will break his walls down, piece by piece, and expose him for who he really is.
By the time Luca Valsetti is finished with me, he will wish he’d never even whispered my name.

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