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His Wild Rebel (May December) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


I got left behind and forgotten by my family a long time ago. I had to fend for myself in the debris of our broken home. When I got my first taste of freedom, I went a little wild. I don’t see any reason to apologize for it.
Now I find myself in a little bit of a predicament. I got kicked out of college. I have no idea what I’m doing and no real prospects. It’s the only reason I take the nanny job dropped into my lap by my brother.
I should have asked more questions because I’m not prepared to meet Wyatt for the first time. He might be twice my age, but he makes me feel something real when I’ve been running and pretending for so long. He tries to hide how he reacts to me, but I can see it.
I’ve fallen for Wyatt and his little boy, but part of me is scared to trust. No one has wanted to keep me before, not even my family. What can I really offer other than unrequited dreams and a rebellious spirit that rides me hard?

I’ve never claimed to be anything more than I am. There are a few things in this life I’m good at and value. My art is one of them. Being a tattoo artist has given me the life I never thought I’d have.
I have my Vibrant Ink family and a business I’m proud of. It’s enough. At least, I thought it was, but maybe I’ve only been fooling myself.
The world I’ve built gets thrown out the window when the ten-year-old son I never knew I had is left on my doorstep. When I need help I know right where to go. My son needs some supervision and I need some help. I wasn’t expecting Tenley, a woman who is way too young for me with a wild streak which needs to be tamed.
I can’t seem to resist her no matter how hard I try. I’m twice Tenley’s age, but she’s mine. I’m exactly the man she needs in her life. I’ll prove it to her and give her the stability she’s craving.

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