His to Lead by E.V. Olsen (ePUB)

his to lead, ev olsen

His to Lead (Wasteland Temptations #4) by E.V. Olsen – Free eBooks Download


New Day. Fragile Bonds. Lurking Danger.
I’ve been a lone wolf in this broken world for four years, never expecting companionship.
Until one fateful night with Cal exposes our secret desires, forging an unexpected bond despite our age difference.
But the lingering pain of how he ran away afterwards continues to haunt me, even after he returned and expressed his love for me.
So I keep him at arm’s length, placing our fragile relationship at risk out of fear of being hurt again.
When old friends arrive unannounced, their presence breathes new life into our home. Laughter returns after far too long, easing the tension between Cal and I.
Just as happiness finds us again, it’s ripped away–a sadistic gang invades our haven, threatening our unconventional family and forcing us into a brutal fight for survival.
I’m ready to sacrifice everything to protect the man who owns my heart, the one who gave me purpose in this shattered world.
Cal is my light amidst the darkness, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him safe.
For him, I’m finally ready to let go of the ghosts of my past and step forward into an uncertain future, together.

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