Caleb’s Touch by Zack Wish (ePUB)

caleb's touch, zack wish

Caleb’s Touch (The Littles Of Cape Daddy #5) by Zack Wish, Lana Kyle – Free eBooks Download


I was flying high, but they knew I was a Little and took advantage of that. At work I have the magic touch, but I need a Daddy to truly seal the deal…
Caleb lived in Cape Daddy and commuted to the city each day for work. He loved his job in finance and life outside of work was awesome too. Caleb had great Little friends and couldn’t have been happier.
Chopper is the biggest, strongest Daddy in Cape Daddy – and that’s saying something! As the owner of Chopper’s Gym it’s Chopper’s mission to welcome new members of all shapes and sizes and help them hit their fitness goals. As a Daddy Dom, Chopper can be gruff and intense with his clients, but he always gets results.
However, Chopper’s commitment to the gym has meant that he hasn’t found his Forever boy. Chopper’s getting older now and is ready to settle down, just like his Cape Daddy friends. But is there a Little out there who can handle the hulking, brooding Chopper?
When Chopper storms upstairs one evening to complain about the apartment above’s noise levels, he is confronted by a gaggle of over-excited Littles. Immediately, Chopper’s attention is grabbed by Caleb. This boy needs to learn how to behave, and only a seriously strict punishment will do it…
Caleb and Chopper’s connection is intense, from the heart, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they become Cape Daddy’s newest Forever couple. They’re perfectly suited as Daddy and Little, and couldn’t be happier together.
But when some bullies at work start teasing Caleb for being a stuffie-loving Little, he doesn’t know what to do. Caleb begins to dread his daily commute and even though he loves his jo

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