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his perfect match, andrea boyd

His Perfect Match (Sweet Tea Holiday Collection #3) by Andrea Boyd – Free eBooks Download


If you’re a thirty-year-old, Southern male from a Christian family and have never brought a girl home to meet Momma, then you must secretly be up to no good. And if you also happen to be an only son with five older, happily married sisters, the pressure to find the one and only love of your life is like digging through a pile of leaves for the pin to the grenade you’re holding.
Those were the first two lines of the first video post of Mark Griffin’s to go viral, and his popularity has steadily risen over the two years since. He decides to use his platform to find someone to share Valentine’s—and possibly the rest of his life—with. Those interested in a date will mail in a postcard so his non-computer savvy momma can pick a winner. Simple, right? At least it seemed so until he meets the girl of his dreams just minutes before receiving the first postcard.
Who knew a trip to the post office would bring Avigail Cohen face to face with her secret celebrity crush? Or that sparks would fly between them? But Mark’s there to pick up postcards from the thousands of women vying for a date with the man. How can she compete with that? Then Mark randomly shows up at her bakery to do a video review and the sparks ignite into a flame. Avi can’t help but say yes when he asks her out. But as her feelings progress, Avi wonders how she can withstand him going out with another woman come Valentine’s Day.

Does Mark chance ruining his online reputation by ending the contest? Or does he hold off on building a relationship with the girl he feels a future with until after Valentine’s?

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