Love, and Other Supervillains by Reilly Cold (ePUB)

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Love, and Other Supervillains by Reilly Cold – Free eBooks Download


With Haver City in the midst of an out-and-out crime spree, it seems like everything is going down the tubes fast. But from the chaos arises a hero, someone who can put the city to rights and the master criminal, The Red Raven, away in the federal birdcage. His name? Nifty Man.
Keon and Ben are best friends who bicker relentlessly, watch bad kung fu movies, and care for a dog together. All seems well until Keon finds out Ben’s been Nifty Man this whole time. But if that’s the revelation it takes to move them from friends to something more intimate, he’ll live with a secret or two.
And now there’s a perplexing redhead hanging out on the fire escape who knows more than she’s saying, and her mysteries are drawing Keon in.
Keon is left to put together the puzzle and sort out his feelings for both of these strange people before the villains of Haver City do something so bad that even Nifty Man can’t fix it.

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