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Hidden Empire by K.L Mann – Free eBooks Download


Jade Donovan lives a life of secret horror, but weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she learns her whole existence has been a lie. She has a dad, one that will do anything to keep her safe.

Dante Moretti is the leader of The Outfit, an old and well-established Italian crime syndicate. He comes with a family, and the power to make sure nothing bad happens to her ever again. Finding him and her nine brothers changes everything for Jade. She’s suddenly more safe than she’s ever been, and with her family’s help, she’s able to begin to heal.
Being a certified mafia princess comes with more than just protection though, it comes with responsibility. The biggest of which is her attending Empire Academy. An off-shore mafia college for the children of the most elite criminal families in North America. Everything changes all over again for her when she meets him.

Dmitri Morozov knows Jade Moretti is going to be his the moment he runs into her. Keeping her a secret isn’t something he likes, but he’ll do it for her. He’ll do anything for her.

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