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Diamonds are Forever by AJ Sevyn – Free eBooks Download


Now enjoy the full collection of “Diamonds” with an added story at the end!

It’s a Friday night, and Johnny has nothing better to do than check out an 80’s tribute band at a local bar. However, when he gets there, he quickly realizes the show’s real entertainment isn’t the band itself, but their bassist Kris Diamond.

With the typical tight spandex, long hair tousled in hairspray, and ripped T-shirt, Kris appears to be the epitome of glam rock. He dances around on stage, putting on a show better than Johnny ever seen. Though not exactly his style of music, Johnny finds himself entranced by Kris’ moves, his on-stage passion, and his lustful kisses.

Diamonds Are Forever: It’s been six months since Johnny has seen Kris. Although the memories of the man plague him daily, he takes a break from life to hit up the local band. But, lo and behold, a familiar face is there. Now he must face the facts: he’s fallen head over heels for Kris, aka “Kazzy Diamond”

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