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heck no leo, dylan reece

Heck No Leo (Darlington Pack #4) by Dylan Reece – Free eBooks Download


Jumpy investigator Quentin never expected a small town single dad to be his biggest weakness. Or welcome him into his family.
On the hunt for a lead in small town Darlington, Quentin instead finds Leo, a broad-chested shifter alpha. The man’s surly and grumpy with a clear distrust for visitors. But, there’s no denying that he puts Quentin in a toe-curling heat he’s never felt before.
With feisty twin daughters, Leo has no time for the sweet-scented omega poking around his pack. Even if destiny has other ideas, Leo won’t admit his wolf’s obsession means Quentin is his fated mate. It’s clear – he needs protection.
Quentin can’t be distracted from his mission. Everything depends on it. Until an unexpected attack leaves the hurt omega in Leo’s care.
The human never expected to be protected… Or given sweaty self-defense lessons. Or be invited to eight-year-old girls’ birthday party. Or be told he’s destined as Leo’s mate.
But the hunter has become the hunted. The longer Quentin stays, the closer his villains come. And they’re out for shifter blood. There’s only one way to protect his newfound family — and it might tear Quentin and Leo apart.

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