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Healing Mavito (Hissa Warrior #5) by RK Munin – Free eBooks Download


Raleen Burden doesn’t know where she came from. Well, that’s not entirely true. She knows she’s Decanted, a made-to-order human grown in vats in the far-off Earth system. But she doesn’t know who bought her and why she ended up in a little traveled area of the universe floating in a life pod far from anything. No ship debris, no nearby station, no inhabited planet. Nothing but her as a baby housed in a cheap, short-range lifepod.
No one ever claimed her, so the kind Tavarian family who found her also adopted her. It wasn’t until she left the folds of her adopted family that she noticed something odd. Unlike other humans, she only has three fingers on her left hand, and they end in black, claw-like fingernails. She didn’t bother thinking much about that oddity until one day a sick child bumped into her at a busy space station. Giving in to an overwhelming urge, she sank those three claw-like fingernails into the child’s skin.
That’s when she discovered she can heal. Better than nano technology. Better than a medpod. Better than anything else out there. She can see right into a body and mend it. That first incident went unnoticed, but later instances got her attention she didn’t want. Forced to hide her gift, she works at menial jobs and keeps moving from place to place, always a step ahead of those looking to use her gift for their gain.
All that ends when she’s forced to heal someone in front of witnesses. Soon she finds herself held against her will and enduring whatever her captors’ demand. Then a battered and wounded Hissa named Mavito is dumped in her cell with her. They want the Hissa warrior to get her pregnant. But she has other ideas because she’s not going to let them kill this male once they’re done with him.
Little does she know that she gained not only an accomplice for escape, but a male determined to stay by her side even after they’re free. They might escape the facility trapping them, but Mavito has no interest in letting her escape him.

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