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happily ever haunted, ellie hall

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I fell in love with a ghost. Yes, from my past, and I just can’t seem to forget about him.
They say it’s bad luck for a black cat to cross your path—one has been tailing me for days—but it didn’t start there. Years ago, I was trapped in a railcar for twenty-four hours. Also, I accidentally shattered two mirrors and got struck by lightning once.
But I’ve finally caught a break (not of the mirror variety). I’m traveling to Concordia to get the big scoop on supposed paranormal activity out there—think bigfoot, werewolves, and their very own version of Nessie.
I’m skeptical, but the only thing that could derail this trip is if I get stuck on a train again. Sidebar: Looking back, it wasn’t all bad. I met the most handsome and charming guy that day. We talked for hours and I fell in love. For real.
Then he ghosted.
I’ve been chugging through life ever since. Not to sound dramatic, but I can’t shake the feeling that Burton was the one.
In a fit of courage (or stupidity), I emailed him about my upcoming trip. The reply was dry. Seems he’s become quite the grump. But that’s nothing my sunny personality can’t fix—I’m convinced the lightning blast boosted its wattage.
There’s just one problem.
It turns out Burton actually is a ghost—a prince cursed to haunt the train until he finds his first true sweetheart. They say lightning can’t strike twice but can love? If so, I wouldn’t say no to a hauntedly ever after.

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