Goalies Don’t Date Ice Princesses by Clara Nielsen (ePUB)

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Goalies Don’t Date Ice Princesses (Westwood Academy #2) by Clara Nielsen – Free eBooks Download


Figure skaters and hockey players shouldn’t mix… especially when the hockey player is my best friend’s triplet brother.

Figure skating is my life. I live and breathe it. So when I found out my all-girl’s school was merging with the boy’s school, I only had one thought: does this mean we have to share the rink with them now?
Not exactly my idea of a good time.
Even if I was prepared to share the rink with the boys, I wasn’t ready to share more—not until I snuck into the rink for a midnight skate and found the hockey goalie Archer Rainn doing the same.
Who would have thought my best friend’s brother suffers from insomnia like me?
The long nights I used to dread become a sanctuary as Archer and I form a secret connection, bound by shared struggles and stolen moments beneath the moonlit rink.
But the closer we grow, the guiltier I feel… because I know my best friend would be horrified to know how I feel about her brother.

Can our hearts skate the thin line between secrecy and love, or will the lies create too big of a chasm between us?

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