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funny how things change, sydnie todd

Funny How Things Change by Sydnie Todd – Free eBooks Download


Opening your mailbox to find a wedding invitation from your ex is rough; opening the invitation to find out it’s from your ex and the woman he cheated on you with? Slap in the face.

Now most people would shred that invitation and move on with their lives, however… After a wildly awkward talk with her ex, Brynne Clement finds herself checking that box and taking it a step further by saying she’s bringing a plus one that she’s totally in love with, just to prove him wrong.
The issue with this is that Brynne is as single as could be, spending the last year recovering from the horrible breakup with said ex-boyfriend, losing their apartment and moving back home with her parents, taking her bags and baggage with her- dating hasnt even been a thought.
Scrambling for a last-minute date, August Woodson, her brother’s best friend and owner of a huge ego and a long list of women under his belt… (literally) offers himself up as her date. August is the last person Brynne wants to spend a weekend with but unfortunately for her, she has no other options.
Faking a relationship with August is challenging… especially after she finds herself not only enjoying his company but maybe even… falling for him, but it’s what happens after that weekend that snaps them both back to reality. Things get downright hard. Maybe even heartbreaking. Can she face her brother and her baggage head on or will she risk losing August for good?

Maybe it isn’t always funny how things change.

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