Fragile Beings by Abigail Kelly (ePUB)

fragile beings, abigail kelly

Fragile Beings (The New Protectorate Stories: Volume One) by Abigail Kelly – Free eBooks Download


Fate can’t be contained.
#376: A fey Changeling is rescued from captivity by a reluctant demon on a quest to find his fate. Of course Dom expects trouble, but he is shocked to discover his fate is tied to an imprisoned fey woman. Charlotte’s a kicking, spitting, hissing little Changeling — and she’s his.
A dragon’s kiss burns cold.
Astray: When Paloma Contreras, arrant scientist, accidentally dooms a rogue dragon to death, she’ll do anything to save his life. If that means giving up the mountaintop she’s called home her entire life, so be it. Too bad Artem Aždaja has no plans to steal her roost. He only wants one thing: her.
Desire fogs the mind.
Weathering: Elise Sasini, an intrepid reporter and weather witch, sets out to uncover the story of San Francisco’s legendary sentient fog and gets a lot more than she bargained for. The mysterious elemental agrees to tell his story in exchange for a taste of the life — and the woman — he craves.

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