What Is Dark Within Me by L.B. Black (ePUB)

what dark within me, lb black

What Is Dark Within Me (Our Lady of Fire #1) by L.B. Black – Free eBooks Download


Alejandra Ruiz is a young witch plagued by the disappearance of her best friend, Violet. In a desperate bid for clues, she strikes a dark deal with the enigmatic Knowing One—the Prince of Lies and Shadows. But the power she needs to uncover the truth about Violet’s disappearance comes at a staggering cost: the heart of the next person who falls in love with her.
As Alejandra delves deeper into Violet’s case, the mystery takes an ominous turn, revealing a truth far more dangerous than she believed. With no choice but to make an ally of an enemy, she finds herself caught in a dangerous dance with the Knowing One, their attraction a sinister force of its own.
Alejandra must navigate treacherous alliances, deadly betrayals, and sacrifices that blur the line between salvation and damnation. And as she uncovers the depths of her new power, her destiny intertwines with the fate of the Knowing One’s realm.

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