Fractured Kiss by L. M. Dalgleish (ePUB)

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Fractured Kiss (Fractured Rock Star #4) by L. M. Dalgleish – Free eBooks Download


What started with a kiss just might end up breaking all his rules—and her heart…
For guitar tech Cassie Elliot, being trapped on tour with her suddenly-ex-fiancé is like a bad dream.
She never expected to be rescued from her nightmare by one of the hottest rock stars in the world—Zac Ford, the enigmatic, sexy bass player for Fractured.
One impetuous moment, a kiss that shouldn’t have happened, and now they’re stuck pretending to be in love.
She’s determined not to develop real feelings for a man who’s only doing her a favor, though.
Because Zac may have kissed her, but that doesn’t mean he wants her.
And there’s no way falling for him could end in anything but more heartbreak…
Zac let his control slip one time, and now his distractingly pretty guitar tech is staying on his tour bus, sharing his hotel room, and looking at him in a way that almost makes him forget what’s real and what’s not.
But fake is all their relationship will ever be. Because there’s no way he’s going to allow himself to get emotionally involved with any woman.
Particularly not one who goes against all his rules like Cassie.
The music, the fans, and getting his next album finished—that’s all he cares about.
And he won’t let one little kiss change that…

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