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When my aunt passes and leaves me enough money to pursue my dreams, I decide to take control of my life. I’ve always wanted a family and with no man of my own becoming a single mother while I work on my writing career sound like the best plan.
But the moment I lay eyes on Dr. Miller Marshall, my plans take a wholly different turn. I want him to be the father to my children.

I know this could never happen. Miller is a six and a half foot silver-haired giant, his features sculpted to magazine-level perfection, his body rippling with alpha muscle.
I’m curvy and shy, an inexperienced virgin who’s more comfortable in the world of books than I am in reality. This forty-five year old predator would never be interested in a twenty-one year old know-nothing like me.

I don’t even think he likes me.
I’m so shocked when he claims me one night, in the most primal possessive way a man can. He tells me I belong to him: only him. Forever.
This jealous protective doctor won’t take no for an answer, dominating me and making me his. But I’m scared I can’t live up to his expectations, and the past won’t stop chasing me.

Will Dr. Good turn out to be Dr. Bad, and can we survive long enough to find out if this flaming passion is the real deal?

*Dr. Good is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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