Forgotten Queen by Vasilisa Drake (ePUB)

forgotten queen, vasilisa drake

Forgotten Queen (Shifted Fates #2) by Vasilisa Drake – Free eBooks Download


I thought death was the end… But it was only the beginning.

After my fated mate, Jett King, Alpha Heir to my abusive pack, killed me for shaming him, I thought I was finally free.
Free to wind up in Hell with Cole, who teased me and trained me with methods that legally qualified as torture. It was an improvement.
But when my fated mate imprisoned Daphne, my best friend, I had to find a way back. And since the possessive, overprotective male training me wouldn’t just let me go get ripped to shreds, I had to poison him. With a kiss that’s still seared into my memory.
One deal with a demon later, I’m back in the world of living, determined to rescue my friend from our pack. I’m not the weak runt they used to bully anymore–and I plan to make them pay for what they did to her.

But bending the rules of life and death isn’t without consequences. And losing my life is the least of the dangers I’ll face.

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