Forgiveness Runs Deep by Caleb Marks (ePUB)

forgiveness runs deep, caleb marks

Forgiveness Runs Deep (Wingstead #2) by Caleb Marks – Free eBooks Download


Spiralling so far down after my wife’s death has messed up the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Will this hot-looking guy ever forgive me?

Grief can make a mess of things, and that’s saying it mildly.
My wife lived a devout life. I thought opposites attract and that going to church and being everything I am not would be enough. I pretended and lied about who I am.
I had never loved her wholly, I couldn’t, but she had her secrets as well.
Out of the blue, an overconfident man showed up. He showed me how to be my authentic self.

I never struggled to be me, I’m proud of who I am. What I struggle with is to find someone who loves me, someone who will create a life with me.
After my reason for coming to Wingstead went bust, I needed money fast. I could see the bar I stopped in was short-staffed. Perhaps I could make some fast cash until I figure out my next move … and move on.
What I didn’t expect was to find the handsome bartender and owner who needed me. He’s a hot mess. But is he worth risking my mortal life over?

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