Forcing Fate by M.A. Frick (ePUB)

forcing fate, ma frick

Forcing Fate (Fate Unraveled Trilogy #1) by M.A. Frick – Free eBooks Download


“You never have to force anything that’s meant to be.”

But some things are worth fighting for.
Avyanna trained her whole life to be a Dragon Rider. A Rider who is needed to stop the invasion of Shadows. On Hatching Day, the worst happens. She is left with a choice. Will she manage to follow in her father’s footsteps—on the war front, or will she live her life in the shadow of what should have been?
General Rafe ShadowSlayer is on an involuntary hiatus, sent back to the homelands to train troops. When Avyanna tries to force her Fate, he could be exactly what she needs… or be the one to send her packing. Will he help her reach her destiny or will they both find something more?

Sometimes Fate doesn’t tell you, no.
Sometimes Fate simply tells you, wait.

Forcing Fate is a book that tells the story of Avyanna as she grows to a young woman. There are dark and gritty themes and steamy scenes. Gender stereotypes are broken. Lines are crossed. Secrets are revealed. Buckle up, here there be dragons.

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