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Under City (The Under City Trilogy #1) by N. Florence – Free eBooks Download


Annalise could be OK with spending the rest of her life rotting in a cell. She’s a monster, after all. A killer whose song brings death to those who hear it.
But Prince Dariush has other plans for Annalise.
In a modern world of fae—hidden amongst humans and governed by an all-consuming empire—she is his missing piece. His way out from the grasp of the Tuath Dé Empire (the TDE) and a means to free his ensnared underground city.
Will the simmering heat between them transform her into nothing more than a pawn for a prince?

Zorya doesn’t give a shit what Annalise does. Annalise is the reason she isn’t rising through the ranks of the TDE’s conscripted army fast enough. She might hate the TDE for murdering her entire family, but this life is all she has left, and she’s going to be the best damn soldier they’ve ever seen.
Only Geira, the blonde, brooding valkyrie, makes her question whether what she’s aiming for is worth it.
In this ambitious start to a gripping urban fantasy romance series, Annalise’s and Zorya’s lives will be sewn together by one dark thread.

Whether they like it or not.

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